Edward Steichen

September 14, 2008 § 4 Comments

I didn’t know a mere human being could still buy something as extraordinary as a numbered copy of a Edward Steichen photography. His experiences with double and triple exposure are haunting and modern. US$1990 and its yours.

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§ 4 Responses to Edward Steichen

  • Srta. Rosa says:

    Eu agora tenho o Lightroom. Eu acho que isso é uma coisa bacana, sabe? Dá pra trabalhar bem o conceitual, mas não tenho nem idéia da técnica. Você tem alguma tip para me passar, cultural advisor?

    Vou linkar o art no Srta, pode?


  • Laurent says:

    Another link to complete the article>


  • lilivc says:

    Thank you , Laurent, for visiting and for the link. I have been trying to give just one link per post and avoiding the most commercial ones, so it’s great having you giving more sources. Lumas is a great site. I love the idea of buying art online and Eyestorm is definitely one of my favorites. Please come back often.

  • […] Blind photographer, Evgen Bavcar, can’t see but can produce some very poetic and inspired images. His portraits are ethereal and his landscapes full of atmosphere. Walter Aue, the acclaimed Berlin poet, considers that after Niepce, Fox Talbot and Daguerre, Bavcar is “the fourth inventor of photography”. This image reminds me of this. […]

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