Emily Carr painting goes for over 2 million at Vancouver auction

June 18, 2009 § 3 Comments


One of the three paintings to be sold for over the one-million mark, Emily Carr‘s Wind in The Tree, circa 1939, went for a record $2,164,5000 on Heffel’s auction last night (June 17) at Vancouver Convention Centre. David Heffel, on the auction brochure: “I think there’s three key elements in this painting that pushes it to the forefront. One, it’s a great painting. Two, it’s in great condition. Three, it’s got great provenance.”
A small sketch by Tom Thomsom, Birches and Cedar (below), sold for $1,404,000. Read more at Vancouver Sun.
It’s good to see the art market in Vancouver – and Canada – showing this level of confidence and optimism.

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§ 3 Responses to Emily Carr painting goes for over 2 million at Vancouver auction

  • lilivc says:

    My friend Paul Myers commented that 2 million is too much for an old Carr. LOL!

  • Gary says:

    I strongly feel those comments as a insult to a canadian icons work, There are many things in Emily Carr ,s paintings , That i Think even the Modern day Experts will be totally amazed, Its not whats on the out side you look for its “” whats on the insight , This Ladie is Vangogh influenced and has so many paintings inside one painting that it is completely mind bottling how she ever incorperated such small details . And also transform one face into many faces, every way you turn them. Have a look at the one i got posted, it is 6″x8″ and litterely has hundred,s to thousands of different characters in side of it. Most people judge a painting by its brush strokes and colours , But when you see different characters painted inside relating all to a novel or novel to painting , you pretty much no they are not (enomolies) , LOL. She was upset in the day as nobody then seen what she had done with her art , could it be no one has found this till we did. The frame in painted as well. There is so much to give this ladie credit for not to discredit, Her work is very under payed, as pacaso is no match for what is painted into that little piece.

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