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Vancouver artist Natalie Purschwitz got herself in some fun trouble. For one year (started September 1st, 2009) she will only wear clothes made by herself. It would be almost easy if she wouldn’t have to create all her accessories as well. That includes sun glasses, shoes, socks, jewelry, underwear, bathing suits, etc. She came up with some very attractive pieces while questioning the limitations of clothing and its cultural aspects. Wearing or not a life-vest on a boat or finding ways of scuba-diving lead to more questions and answers. A great blog to subscribe.
From February 12 to 27 you can know more about the project at 8E. Cordova St, Vancouver, BC. Part of Bright Light project.

Wordwide Green Eyes – Lincoln Clarkes

September 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

Koret Building, 99 East Cordova St. Vancouver, October 4, 1998
Koret Building, 99 East Cordova St. Vancouver, October 4, 1998
Lincoln ClarkesVancouver Fashion Week, 2009

Lincoln Clarkes’ Heroines project stirred polemic in the late 90s’ Vancouver. It took shape as an exhibition followed by a book portraying women with drug addictions from the city’s Downtown Eastside.
New to Vancouver, I found out about this Canadian photographer through his engaging blog Wordwide Green Eyes. Clarkes keeps a very sharp eye focused on his surroundings. You can find photos of Arthur Erickson‘s memorial alongside Granville Street’s nightlife and Vancouver Fashion Week’s audience.

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