Christmas Wish List (of Art Books) – part I

November 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

I have been browsing Amazon in search of the new art books releases and thought of sharing with you my picks. I started by going to Phaidon and Taschen websites but I wonder if anybody still buys from them when you can get the same products for, some times, half the price.

Let’s start with a basic. Marcel Duchamp is so fundamental for anybody interested  in contemporary art (and for the contemporary art itself) that I can’t stay any longer without a book about his work. The first original installation of Étant Donnés is celebrating 40 years and this book was published to accompany the first major exhibition on the artwork and its studies.

This makes for a romantic gift. Georgia O’Keeffe Abstraction includes unpublished letters between the painter and Alfred Stieglitz whom she married in 1924. Starting with abstraction as early as 1915 she was one of America’s first abstractionists.


Still being offered only in pre-order, Anish Kapoor (hardcover) by David Anfam is the most comprehensive monograph on the artist with over 500 photographs and a chronology covering the sculptor’s life in detail. And here a link to Kapoor’s one-work-exhibition at New York’s Guggenheim.

Art World Dream Gift List – part 1

December 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

Watercolor Jamais, Louis Vuitton by Richard Prince and Marc Jacobs

In times of recession we need to escape to dreamland. My Christmas gift list comes from there. This bag is from Louis Vuitton 2008 summer/spring collection and it’s a limited edition of just 50. The price is £9,000 with part of the profits going to Serpentine Gallery in London. Why so expensive? Richard Prince signs the design together with Marc Jacobs. Read more at The Bag Lady.

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