Noah Kalina

September 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Ryan Pfluger took my picture. (20090912)

photo by Ryan Pfluger
I have been postponing this post about Noah Kalina because it takes a long list of links and I am lazy. He introduces himself very shortly: “I take photos. I live in Brooklyn.” Kalina is more than just a New Yorker photographer, though. You must have seen his time lapse video from 2006 – over 13 million people have. Kalina is also on twitter and flickr. You can also buy Kalina, his self-published magazine (I did). Or you can follow his blog where he posts photos of his desk and hotel windows. Adbusters, where I volunteered as Art Researcher, published four of his photos in this month’s issue. The bottom line is that Kalina is of this century and everything he does is interesting. He has the rare ability of keeping a low-profile and at the same time be everywhere.

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