Noah Kalina

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Ryan Pfluger took my picture. (20090912)

photo by Ryan Pfluger
I have been postponing this post about Noah Kalina because it takes a long list of links and I am lazy. He introduces himself very shortly: “I take photos. I live in Brooklyn.” Kalina is more than just a New Yorker photographer, though. You must have seen his time lapse video from 2006 – over 13 million people have. Kalina is also on twitter and flickr. You can also buy Kalina, his self-published magazine (I did). Or you can follow his blog where he posts photos of his desk and hotel windows. Adbusters, where I volunteered as Art Researcher, published four of his photos in this month’s issue. The bottom line is that Kalina is of this century and everything he does is interesting. He has the rare ability of keeping a low-profile and at the same time be everywhere.

Mario Cravo Neto (1947 – 2009)

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Mario Cravo Neto, Lord of the Head
Mario Cravo Neto, Brazilian photographer, died last Sunday at 62. His work has a strong religious content and he was a master in showing the human body both powerful and fragile. I am sad -his work never failed to touch me. Spiritual, mystical, erotic, his images composed a beautiful portrait of the people of his region, Bahia.

He didn’t have a website, but artnet is a good source for images.

We’re All Gonna Die

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It’s not the first time I stumbled on this website but this 100-meter long image holds its power even after a second or third look. Simon Hoegsberg took 20 days making this giant panoramic portrait of 178 people, always from the same spot on a Berlin railroad bridge. You can slide through We’re All Gonna Die on the project’s website.

Portraits of Power

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Richard Avedon took photos of significant American politicians for over five decades. More than 200 of these portraits can be seen at the Corcoran through January 25th. Obama expressionless, passport-like shot is the highlight of these last days of the show, just in time for his inauguration. The photo was taken shortly before Avedon’s death, in 2004.

The Art of Lee Miller

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Lee Miller , Untitled (Exploding Hand), circa 1930

After its first exhibition at the V&A earlier this year the retrospective of this extraordinary photographer, model and surrealist muse traveled to the Jeu de Paume where it can be visited until January 4th. Over 150 photographs from the artist’s original files are shown together for the first time together with drawings and magazines.

Jeff Wall in Vancouver

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The Pine On The Corner, 1990 , transparency in lightbox

Born in Vancouver, Jeff Wall didn’t have a large show in the city since 1990. But now the Vancouver Art Gallery will be showing it’s collection of the artist’s iluminated transparencies until January 25. With works influenced by cinema and paintings, using digital technology and, many times, amateur performers, Wall started a aesthetic followed by many artists. His work helped stablishing the role of photography in the contemporary art.

A Photographer’s Life

October 24, 2008 § 2 Comments Kidman by Annie Leibovitz

Covering 15 years of Annie Leibovitz’s most recent work, the National Portrait Gallery exhibition (until February 1, 2009) includes over 150 photographs by the celebrated photographer. From her more personal work (photos of her family and friends) to commissioned portraits, the show is a comprehensive overlook on Leibovitz’s style.

Window of the Soul

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Nude with Hands

Blind photographer, Evgen Bavcar, can’t see but can produce some very poetic and inspired images. His portraits are ethereal and his landscapes full of atmosphere. Walter Aue, the acclaimed Berlin poet, consider that after Niepce, Fox Talbot and Daguerre, Bavcar is “the fourth inventor of photography”. This image reminds me of this.

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