Rodney Graham is The Guardian’s Artist of The Week

July 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Rodney Graham's Good Hand Bad Hand (2010)

Shady dealing … Rodney Graham’s Good Hand Bad Hand (2010), courtesy of
the artist and Lisson Gallery. Photograph: Ken Adlard

Rodney Graham is artist of the week in the London’s Guardian. In Vancouver, his piece Dead Flowers in My Studio can be seen at the Contemporary Art Gallery until August 22nd, part of the group show Triumphant Carrot. The exhibition includes works by the likes of Jeff Wall (another Canadian legend) and Sam Taylor-Wood.
You may remember my comments on the Rodney Graham band at the Candahar during the Olympics.

From The Guardian:

Why we like him: For his film The Phonokinetoscope from 2001, Graham took acid and rode a bicycle backwards. While the soundtrack that accompanies this feat suggests 1970s-style delirium, the everyday footage suggests a chasm between inner states and outer reality.

Art rock: Graham formed new-wave band called UJ3RK5 (“you jerk” – the five is not pronounced) in his twenties with Jeff Wall, while his current ensemble, the Rodney Graham Band, morph between country rock, folk and psychedelia.

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The Rodney Graham Band at Candahar

February 27, 2010 § 4 Comments

The Rodney Graham Band at Candahar, Vancouver – photo by Ken Eisner

I finally made it to Candahar, the bar/artwork at Granville Island last night just in time to watch Rodney Graham doing his sound check for a performance that would start a couple of hours later.

Named after a Belfast street, The Candahar is Theo Sims’s vision of an Irish bar. A sculptural installation with real beer on tap.

Rodney Graham is a legend of Vancouver’s photoconceptualism and I was surprised to find out about his musical skills.  He sounds a lot like Lou Reed.

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