The Void

November 18, 2008 § 1 Comment


The 28th edition of the São Paulo Bienal (until December 6th), curated by Ivo Mesquita and Ana Paula Cohen, has an entire floor of its beautiful modern building completely empty – “The Void”. It’s an atempt to provoke ideas and make a statement about art (or the lack of it). It is also a way of going around the Fundação Bienal lack of resources while discussing the general crisis in art biennials as major fast-forward art shows. Besides the emptyness, the other two floors show interactive artworks and videos meant to raise discussion about the role of biennials in the era of globalization.
Update: Read this from today’s (Nov 19) The Art Newspaper.


October 31, 2008 § Leave a comment

If a painter refuses to paint, is he still a painter? If an artist says that a painting isn’t a painting, what is it? What does it take to make a painting not a painting?

These are the somewhat esoteric questions posed by a new exhibit opening Sunday a the Museum of Modern Art, “Joan Miró: Painting and Anti-Painting 1927-1937.” Miró worked furiously during this decade and the exhibit highlights 12 series created as “anti-paintings,” a way for the artist to rebel against the traditional confines of painting.

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