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March 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Peter Combe Iran’s Ahmadinejad Prepares for Avatar Premier, 2010
Mixed media, HP Screen, frame-7 x 8.75 inches

I have been neglecting this blog while busy curating Twitter/Art+Social Media, a juried exhibition by artists using social media for inspiration, production and presentation of their work. The show Opens April 1st at Diane Farris Gallery, in Vancouver and has its own blog.

I am very excited about this project. The involvement of Vancouver’s artists with social media came very clear to me during the protests against the cuts for arts in BC last summer. Artists got organized through Facebook and Twitter to get together and share ideas. That has been a big leap from the old view of artists being isolated in their studios. Now they share working spaces, organize exhibitions, and get feedback and ideas – with social media being a huge facilitator.

The submitted material surprised me. Sometimes beautiful and poetic, sometimes funny or witty but always interesting. The almost 100 works explore a broad range of media, from traditional paintings on canvas to digital screens and web-based works.

If you are in Vancouver during the month of April, stop by to check the show in person.

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